I am currently Marketing Director at Tom Dwyer Automotive Services, the largest independent automotive repair shop in Portland.  Tom has a deserved reputation as a top-flight company of the highest possible integrity, but he also has a particular footprint in Portland’s Progressive political community.  Marketing is an ideal venue for basic design principles… the project is to shape the face of a company to the world, so for years I have handled all aspects of our company’s presence including corporate identity, print, web, and radio campaigns.  I’ve written our monthly newsletter for years, organized large parties and events, and represent us in business, community, and other outreach events.  Here’s a closer look at just a few aspects of my work with Tom…

Radio Ads

One of the things I’m proudest of from my time with Tom Dwyer Automotive is my work on over two hundred radio spots for KPOJ, Portland’s late, lamented Progressive radio station.  The ads almost never dealt with auto repair; instead they were Tom reading one-minute meditations on the issues of the day.  They became so popular that when the station eventually closed we fielded over 200 calls at the shop wondering where they’d gone!  We were able to further leverage the power of this platform by reaching out to local groups and using the format of the spots to promote their events or causes.  This introduced us to new potential clients while still doing something of value beyond just the advertising… a standard Tom never compromises on.


My first task with Tom was an overhaul of our corporate identity, covering logo, letterhead, business cards, an entire family of brochures, van graphics, shop signs… well, everything.  We built on the history of the graphic standards he had had for years, but gave them a much tighter and cleaner look.  Currently, aside from our monthly ads in the Sellwood Bee, we have a variety of ongoing print and special projects.

Web and Newsletter

I also design and maintain our company website, supply all content for it, and write our monthly company newsletter.  Click the image at left to read the most recent issue…