Our Design Process

What’s The Problem?

Design boils down to a person and a problem.  Objects, experiences, processes, services, even ideas… no matter the subject, at the deepest level the question is the same… how does a person solve their problem in the most elegant possible way?

Industrial Designers combine the rigors of engineering with the spontaneity of art to maximize the range and vision of possible solutions, centering on the user but also reaching as far as possible into the world around them.  We mix rationality with creativity, generalities with specifics, hand-craft with high-tech, resulting in a powerful and effective approach to problem solving that applies at any level, in any field.

A design approach that’s appropriate for a mass-produced product must adapt for a one-of-a-kind piece.  Here’s an example of how our design process was applied to two projects that are about as different as possible… a hand-held photographic product and a children’s exhibit.

Lensbabies- Original to Completion11-19-07 Download pix 052