Product Design

Product Design Samples

What is a typical Product Design project?  Well, what’s a typical product?

iPhones are products, but so are heart valves, diamond rings, water purifiers, atomic bombs, ShamWOW!’s, or automobiles.  A “typical” Industrial Design project might mean building a totally new product line starting from a blank piece of paper.  It could involve reducing part count in a product to save money in production, re-styling an existing product for a changing marketplace, coming up with new technologies to avoid existing patents, re-defining user interaction to increase comfort or safety, or any of a thousand other variations.  Product Design marries the tightest requirements for human, technical, and production issues with the greatest opportunities for creativity and innovation.

For many years we worked with personally with Jerry Oakes, CEO of Synergy Consultants of Dallas, Texas, on over 300 industrial design projects presented in every possible form from verbal descriptions to advanced prototypes.  Our task was to review the human, technical, production, and marketing aspects of each idea, refine it into a coherent concept, and present it in a concise, one-page form for further development.  Here is a partial gallery of the work of many years…